Your Financial Planner Your Long-term Care Bills To Pay?

I always like to ask my clients, “Is that your loan financial planner to pay for your long-term care bills, they will have access to high quality care services suppliers?” Many lawyers and consultants are now reluctant to long term care insurance fear of lawsuits children later, when hundreds of thousands of dollars were asked to pay maintenance bills for their many parents recommended duration. Planners recommend not supply more often than not to ignore the real danger of the patient one day. The elder has become the largest financial risk that Americans are facing today. Most of them are not aware of it because, let’s face it: No one wants to think about long-term care need. It will happen someone else!
Long-term care bills are the main reason for the financial failures in seniors today. But there are many financial advisors and investment advisors who say that you do not need long-term care insurance. While you may not already have a lot of money! The question is: Is it a wise decision to have this cover?
What we see today, many financial advisors on the issue of long-term care insurance is divided. You will hear some say that if you resources that you do not have to be without it, it is an integral part of the financial planning, while others think that if you have enough money, you should be confident. Who is right?
Any financial advisor I would recommend to meet in conversation with the long-term care if he knew in advance that his client would require several years of long-term care.
Do the math. In a state where the long-term care bills are $ 170 per day and the average premium is on average $ 4,000 per year for a couple, 60 years, and they live another 20 years, they have $ 80,000 paid premiums for peace of mind that they do not go bankrupt. Without insurance, they could end up paying more than $ 80,000 in less than two years, one of them on the advice of a financial planner to tell them they do not need!
It should be noted that financial advisors who recommend against LTC Insurance number, you do not need care, as they recommend you coverage if they knew you were going to have to spend several hundred thousand dollars. You should know what is the advisor base their prediction? Also note that the advisors seller. They are in business to make money. When you buy long term care insurance, you will have less money to manage it!
The decision is yours. At this point in your life, you are more interested in something more than a thousand dollars per year, or are you more interested in protecting what you already won against the devastating financial risk that people face in America today? One of the biggest financial mistake a person can make today will need long-term care and no cover! Is it a mistake you for a chance to do take? Looking for a specialist in long-term care insurance to help you make the most informed decision for you and your family.
Remember, your financial planner or advisor not pay your maintenance costs. You will be!
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