All about Waves DEX

Waves coin is almost available on all the big exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, YoBit and HitBtc etc . The best thing about Waves is that they own their own Decentralized exchange known as Waves Dex
The benefit of decentralized exchange is that there are no centralized servers that can be targeted by hackers.

What is the difference between other exchanges and Waves Dex.

Waves have introduced an awesome feature of launching own cryptocurrency token by using Waves Lite Client chrome extension. 
That is essentially creating your own cryptocurrency. Think of it as a voucher be redeemed by an interested party.

Waves has a chance to shift how people sees cryptocurrency. Individuals or Industries can use waves to issue their own token and set a price for their token and they will provide goods in exchange of their token.

It is very easy and only one Waves is required to launch your own cryptocurrency token. These tokens can be traded on Waves Dex Exchange.

Transaction fees for Waves and other tokens is only 0.003 waves. Other exchanges like Bittrex, Binance or any other exchange are centralized exchanges. So, there are chances that hackers can hack your cryptocurrency on them. Waves have provided user friendly and secured platform to its users.

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