Facebook is Currently not working | Facebook Down 2019

Facebook is currently down with thousands of users across the UK and Europe currently unable to access the service.
The issues appear to have began just after 4.20pm BST this afternoon.
Down Detector, which monitors outages, is currently showing thousands of reports with a spike seeing over 3,000 people mentioning the issues.
One user has posted a message on Down Detectors forums saying they are simply seeing a white screen when trying to load Facebook.
Whilst another has confrimed: "Nothing loading for me either. Blank page."
Users have also flocked to Facebook's big rival Twitter to report issues with the service this afternoon.
One user tweeted: "FACEBOOK IS DOWN"
While another said: "OMG! Facebook is DOWN! What do we do? It's a crisis."
Facebook downDOWN DETECTOR
Facebook downTWITTER
One screen shot shows what some users are faced with tonight
And it's not just Facebook that is facing issues as .
Hundreds of Instagram users are reporting problems with the US social network website every minute, DownDetector data reveals.
According to data amassed by DownDetector, half of all those struggling to connect to Instagram are unable to access the News Feed.
Facebook has been struggling recently with outages with users facing a number of issues over the past few months.
 with users unable to access the app for a whole day.
Facebook messengerFACEBOOK
Facebook messenger hit issues last month
In a statement Facebook said it fixed problems with users told to make sure their app is up to date.
"On Friday September 22, 2017, some people reported having trouble accessing Messenger on iOS." The firm said.
"We quickly investigated, and we have released an update.
"If you continue to experience problems please look in the App Store for version 135.1 and uninstall/reinstall the app. We are very sorry for any inconvenience."
It's currently unclear what is causing this latest problem for Facebook.
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