Top 7 Real Ways Of Making Money Online

My Experience

First of all i want to tell you about some my experiences. The First day i started working on internet i try to find all the easy ways to work and the real thing is all are fake. Most of them say to click on ads and earn money and payout is low. Now one can earn a penny on those sites they just do scams. After so many scams i started working on developing skill. I Learned From Courses on Udemy, Lynda, Youtube and learned from every person which can teach me any skill. I Learned Graphic Designing,Programming and got knowledge of Internet. So the main reason to tell about all my life experience is if you want to make money online. Then you have to learn a lot of stuff. Because if you start working on internet without any skill then you will never earn anything you will only waste your time and money and the real thing is time is more important then money. If you have skills then working on internet is very easy. So let's talk about the ways of earning and the skills require to work.

Teaching and training

So Guys the first method is teaching and training. This is the best method to get respect,fame and money on internet. I personally love this work. So to do this work you require skills and i know every one have some skill and you know better about your skills. I have skills about graphic designing and programming. That's why i teach these skills. So the way is teaching your skill on internet. Now you are thinking about who to teach. First of all i want from you to ask a question from yourself can you teach your skill to someone. If yes then keep reading (if no then first you must believe on your skills and then give it a try) So first of all i will tell you the easy way to teach on internet. We all know about youtube. Have you ever think why people upload videos on Youtube?
It's because Youtube pay money if you upload videos on Youtube and People Start watching your videos. It's amount of paying money differs per 1000 views. For example:- If you have are getting views on your videos from Asian Countries(Pakistan,India,Bangladesh) then you will earn less( 2 to 3 dollar per 1000 views) but if you are getting views from Countries Like(UK,Canada,Australia) Then you will earn much(10 to 15 dollar). So you can record and upload your lectures on Youtube and earn money. It's very easy teach a skill which you have and earn from it. Now after sometime you will become familiar with teaching. Then you can start teaching on Udemy and Skillshare. On these sites you can create a course about a skill. For Example:- If you know How to Create Your Own Website and Optimize it. You can teach it on Udemy and Skillshare but you have some experience of teaching because it will attrach customer. Just Create a course about a skill you think people want to learn and upload it on Udemy and Skillshare and start earning big on it. You can sell the course on any price on these websites. 

Create a Blog

So this is the way from which i am earning money. If you love writing then it's the perfect work for you. If you are a girl and know many things about beauty tips then you can write about beauty tips and start earning money Or If you are a boy and know many things about body building. You can give tips about body building. It's really easy if you know how to write an article. If you have money you can buy a wordpress hosting and a domain and start working. But if you do not have money then you can work on Blogger. It's a free platform on which you can start a blog and earn some money. It is also perfect for blogging but i suggest if you doing work for a long time then use wordpress.You just need learn some about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and then you can easily rank you articles on google.

Free Lancing

In Freelancing you can provide a service. There are many sites on internet on which you can provide a service and earn big money. I already told you if you want to do real work and make money online then you have to learn some skill and if you have skill then earning is easy on internet. Fiverr, Upwork,Freelancer,Guru Etc are some common sites on which you can provide service. Now you are thinking which services i can provide on these sites. So let's suppose you have a good skill of Adobe Photoshop then you can provide any service related to Adobe Photoshop. You know better about your skill just think how can you provide service from your skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Now this is the way most of the peoples earning money on internet. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. Maybe many of  you have a big fan following on facebook and twitter. Now you can sell others product to you fan following and earn high commission. If you have a website then you can share it with your visitors. But If you have nothing then there are more ways to do it. I will explain them later.

Write and Publish Ebook

If you have a skill and you think people can pay you for this skill and no one other can teach this skill then you can write a short digital book on your computer and start selling it. You can sell your ebook on Amazon Kindle. You can also create a website and sell your ebook on that website independently. There is another way to sell your ebook you can hire peoples to sell your ebook and in return they will get 30 percent or 40 percent commission. It's simple and you do not have to pay invest anything. You can make good money from the ebook selling way.

Sell Photos

Now a days everyone become a photographer but do you really think you can take quality photos. If yes then it's the perfect way to earn money on internet. First of all you can upload your videos on sites which not pay any money. If you get good downloading result then you can sell your photos on Shutterstock, Smug Mug Pro, Etsy etc. It's the legitimate way of earning and no one can use your photos except the buyers.

Sell Your Products

Now this is something which everyone know and most of you are doing it already. So if you have a shop and want to sell your stuff online then it's pretty easy. Most of you are thinking that how to sell products without any website and from where i get sales. You just don't need to do a lot of work. There are websites which gives you place to sell your stuff. You can sell your stuff on ebay,Amazon,Alibaba and many more websites. Just sign up as a seller and start uploading you products information.

So these are the way i will keep updating this article and give lot of more stuff. You can check my other posts for more information.
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