Get Many Youtube Subscriber and Views in Youtubers Way

Video Content is the leading way in the content marketing scene(as of 2017). Youtube is the free Platform which is provide by google for video Blogging(vlogging), video sharing, and video marketing.
Facebook and Twitter have recently stepped into the video marketing. But they have not well structured algorithm for videos marketing.
When we create a Youtube channel the first question come in our mind is how to increase subscribers to increase the reach of Youtube videos.
So here i am going to tell you some ways that work awesome for me to increase Youtube subscribers.

1)Make the most of the channel Customization

If you want that visitors trust you and subscriber your Youtube channel then you must have to make the most of the customization option that Youtube has to offer.
Make your Blog look professional and whoever visit your Youtube channel respect and trust you due to your awesome customization.
Just make your self a brand simply by customizing the look of your Youtube channel.
If you already run a blog with a bit of following then make use of similar branding element for your Youtube channel. If you just not created any blog then create one because the Youtube channels which have a blog also get recognizable easily then others.
Make the most of the Youtube channel url and bio to finish up your channel customization.

2) Create Youtube Channel Trailer

It is very important to tell your visitors that why you created the youtube channel and what type of videos you are creating.
To tell your visitors about your Youtube channel You can create a trailer about your Youtube channel and add it in your featured videos when ever some visitor visit your Youtube channel he will get to know about which niche your Youtube channel is by watching the trailer.

3) Create Own Thumbnails

This is something every Youtube agree.
Create own custom Youtube Video Thumbnail. So why this is necessary it is because you know what your video is about but why visitor watch your Youtube video. Someone will only watch your Youtube video if you have already told him that what is the purpose of the video and why you have to watch this video. 

To tell this to your visitor you have Create own Thumbnail now maybe you are not good in designing but you can always create own thumbnail by simply watching 2 to 3 videos about how to create Youtube video thumbnails. 

4)Add Annotation in Your Youtube Videos

So this is something very important if you add annotations in your videos then you can get subscribers as well as views.

5)Embed Your Video

It's a great idea to get some extra views as well as increase your ranking google and Youtube. Embed your video in Social Sites as well as your owns sites(if any). Here is an example of embedding Youtube video in blog.
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