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Internet is the need of every one and mostly people cannot afford high speed internet in Asian Countries. There is some simple and easy ways to use high speed internet without wasting any money.

Remote Desktop Protocol 

RDP is a service through with we can use computers with high speed internet. RDP providers give you access to their servers and charge you some money but there are some rdp service providers which are providing free rdp through which you can use high speed internet.

Fast Internet RDP

  • What you need to do is open this RDP site 
  • Create an account on and then login to your account
  • This site will provide you a browser on which you can do browsing with high speed.
  • The speed of RDP is round about 700 Mbps. 
  • You can download and upload softwares and videos from one site to another.


  • Apponfly is a rdp site you can free rdp from this site and use Fast Speed internet for Free.
  • Open Apponfly and click on try it for free.
  • Enter your email address and click on Start free trial.
  • They will give you access to a computer. This computer has fast internet speed. 
  • Use the Computer and enjoy fast speed internet.

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