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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. Many Youtubers get handsome amount of money by posting videos on it. it is an easy way of earning. Youtube always want that people post original content made by the publisher.

How Much Youtube Pays

Now this is the question which every one ask that how much youtube pay per 1000 views. No one can tell you the exact amount of how much youtube pays because it's pay per 1000 views vary for every country. If you are getting views from Asian country then the payout will be low. You can earn 1 to 4 dollar per 1000 views in From Asian countries. But if you are getting views from premium country then you can earn 5 to 15 dollar per 1000 views. Some time you get more then this estimated earning but sometime it's low. It depends on click and impression.

Ranking Factors Of Youtube

There are many ranking factors from which youtube alogrithm decide whether this video rank or not. The main are tags and description and the views we get. Others are from where we are getting the views.

SEO of Youtube

To understand how SEO of Youtube work first of all we need to understand the way how our video rank in youtube. When we post a video on Youtube. The title of the video is the main thing so choose your title very carefully try to get them from the search bar of Youtube. After choosing the title the next thing is to give them description. If you can write a description for your video then it is best but if you cannot write the description then search videos of your title and copy description of one or two videos and then paste it in your video description after this it's time to give keyword to your video. The best way to give keywords to your video is to copy all the keywords that are searched many time in Youtube and to know which keywords are searched many time in Youtube Just type the title of your video and the keywords searched on Youtube will suggest you keywords automatically just copy all the suggested keywords of youtube and paste them in your video keyword. Now it's time to get some views post the link of your video in all your social account and get almost 200 views in one day and your video will get ranked and you will start getting a lot of views daily.

Rank Youtube Video in Google Search Engine
There are several ways to rank Youtube video in Google Search Engine. But the easy way is to give backlinks to your youtube video. To give backlinks to your video share your Youtube video on all social Sites. This will give social backlinks to your youtube video. If you have some websites then you can also share your video on your website. If not rank after doing all this then give backlinks from 
web 2.0 if you don't have any knowledge about web 2.0 then you can read about it here.

SEO of Youtube Tricks

If you do the right SEO but not getting views then you can use the views exchange websites because from these websites you can get views easily and also there are some softwares on the internet from which you can get fake views. Just views are much to rank your keywords and after your keywords are ranked then your post will start getting views automatically.

Youtube Views Exchange Sites

There are many websites which from which we can buy views or exchange views for youtube videos. Some of the main Youtube views exchanging sites these.
Addmefast you can get free facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube views, subscribe and pinterest etc from this website. 
Utubehits you can get free youtube views, free youtube likes, free youtube subscribers, free youtube comments from this website.

Youtube Video Ranking Software

We can also rank our videos with the help of softwares. There are many softwares which can help you ranking your video easily."Tube Rank Jeet 3 is the best optimizing software and most demanding tool ever used to Rank Youtube videos and Youtube channel on Youtube Search Engine."

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