How to Increase Likes On Facebook Posts in 2018

What a Facebook Like is ?

A “Like” on your Facebook Page is not just a vanity metric. It signifies a real person showing interest in your business. That person has opened a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week communication channel with you. So yes, this is a very powerful thing in online marketing. If you get a like on a Facebook Post that means that the person who liked your post is interested in that post and loved your post.

Increase Facebook Likes

Everyone want to know how to increase likes on Facebook posts.Nowadays a new method is introduced to get likes on you Facebook post. In this method you get likes from those who are not friend with you. Your Facebook profile have to be public to use this method.You can use Auto liker websites to get likes on your Facebook posts. In this method you get a token from the Facebook which give full access to that Auto-likers site give you like comments. To get this token you just need to sign in into your account and open Auto Likers Site and get token From it. Teen Patti Online Hack Trick For new.

What a Facebook Follower is?

A Facebook Follower is a person who got all your new posts in his new feeds but you do not get any of his post on your new feeds in this way you don't need have to like and comment his posts but he will see your post and can like or comment on your post.

Increase Followers

To increase follower we can do multiple things but the easiest is to get auto followers. We can get auto followers from these Auto like sites when we login in these sites with our Facebook token we can get Facebook post likes and comments and followers and many more things.  
To Get Likes and Followers on your Post Follow the steps:-
Open Your Facebook Account
Go to Setting
Change the Followers setting to Public
Open Autolikers Site or type autolikes in the google and search
Then Open the sites you want to use then take the token from these sites.
To Get The Token Open The Link They Give on the site like this

Click Here And Allow Permission To The APP, And Copy Paste The Url Below
Click on Click Here and then copy the link of the address
Then paste it in the token section
Choose the picture or status you want to get likes.
And then ok.
You will get the likes on your post by using this method. 

Facebook Ads Method

Now I am going to share a method which is not free but it will help you boost your likes on a post. First of all create a Facebook page after that when ever you make a post on Facebook you can boost that post by using Facebook ads. I know you are thinking how to do use Facebook ads.
So here is the method when ever you will publish a post you will see a boost post button at the end of the post. Just click on that button and then they will provide you information about choosing the right audience related to your post. Choose a good audience according to your work and then set amount you want to spend. Attach your credit card or debit card and click on boost.
Your campaign will start and you will start getting likes and you can also convert those likers in your customers by using Facebook ads in right way. You can also hire me to create a converting Facebook ad campaign for your business here on fiverr. " 

Buy Facebook Likes

So here is another method to get likes on your Facebook posts. You can also get likes on your Facebook page or get any type of other social media service like Facebook followers, twitter followers, instagram followers, retweets or anything related to Social media. 
What ever you want to get like Facebook post likes or page likes just buy them from fiverr. 
I have attached a gig from which you can buy Facebook post likes from me. Here is link of my Social media services.
If you mention that you have come after reading my blog then I will charge you less amount for my services. Believe me I charge very little amount for Social media services and provide High Quality work.
I hope you like the article share it with you friends so that they can also learn all this.

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