Facebook Auto Likes And Comments Bot site

There are two types of Facebook users who use Facebook

1-Facebook users who use Facebook to connect with their friends and family.
2-Facebook users who want to become famous on Facebook by getting more followers, likes, comments and shares.

If you are reading this post that's mean you are of the second type.

How to become Famous on Facebook?

If you want to become famous on Facebook than you have to use Facebook daily about 2 to 3 hours and also have to add those friends who like others posts and but those friends are not going to give you like if you not give them them like back. You can learn becoming Facebook from my blog.

What are Bot Like Comments?

Every one know that we have not a lot of time to spend on facebook some of us do jobs and some study.
That’s why we have no time to like and comments on others posts but for this purpose Facebook Lovers
created a robot websites which will do this work for you. Bot like comments site automatically like and comment on your friends latest post. You do not need to be online full day.

How To Make Bot on HostBuddy site Free

Step 1: Signup for on www.hostbuddy.com
Step 2: Confirm your email address
Step 3: Download BotScript
Step 4: Upload index , value and picture of Script in Your File manager of hostbuddy account
Step 5: Set the Corn Job www.setcronjob.com
Step 6: Access Token from Here
Step 7: Paste token in Your Working Site box
Step 8: Click Submit and Save
Step 9: Check your Profile Activity log From www.facebook.com/profile.php
Step 10: Your Bot is Working if last posted comment from your profile is match your current time .Enjoy

How to Get Many Friend Requests?

No one really know you on Facebook except some of your friends in real life and if you want that every one know you. You have to do something special or you can like people posts and also comment on them. If we like comment on peoples post then people who want to become famous will send you request. By using Bot like comments you will get many friend requests daily approximately 200-300 if you are a boy and if you are a girl than 700-900.

How to Increase Followers?

What are the benefits of more followers on Facebook. If you have many followers than you can get a lot of likes on Facebook. If you use bot sites and get 200-300 requests daily than by not accepting requests
you can easily make them your follower.

Benefits of Becoming Famous on Facebook .

If you are famous on Facebook then you can easily get lot of views on your blog post or your youtube videos. You do not have to wait many days to get your blog or youtube channel in Search Engines to get views because. These viral Facebook accounts can help you in making quality social signals and help you earn money.
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